Message From Principal

An educated mind is an ignited mind. It shines out for miles and brightens each day, for self, family and the nation. Education creates a flow of energy, a stream of creative, productive energy from the sender to the receiver. A person who is educated in turn transmits his learning and experience till his entire society is educated, as a result of which the entire humanity is illumined. The light of knowledge and education becomes a guiding force for social change. This promises a better human existence.

Let us be torch bearers, in our own small little way, taking the flame of knowledge, forth to ignite each and every corner of our earth. We leave behind us an educated human race and generate in the children of today a hunger to spread this light.

An educated mind is an open mind . A person who is open to the environment around him is open to the learning that comes his way, eventually spreading what he has learnt to the people around him. An educated person becomes a channel, a channel of light and dispel the darkness of ignorance around him. Education broadens horizon. It makes us understand frontiers beyond our circumstances. We learn to tolerate situations and the society we live in. It enables us to be at peace with ourselves and the world around us.