Our Facilities

Knowledge Centre

Educational have proved that audio-visual aids with hands on activities help students learn better and thus we have set up a activities to help students learn better and thus we have set up a knowledge center or rather you can call it PLAY STATION for students.

Digital Language Lab

Students shoud step into the gloabal society with confidence. Fluency in speaking English language is of utmost importance. In our Data Language Lab we give a fine edge to communication skills with the help of world class softwares like Words worth, Grammar Activities etc.

Well Qualified Teachers

The teachers having good and high educational qualifications educate the child with the psychological view of related subject. Our teachers pays hard labour with individual attention and having love, affection and motherly care, instil good virtues in a Childs along with their studies. Modern Training Camps, Seminar, Group Discussions are held during Educational Service some that teachers can get the latest information, latest discoveries and can be aware of the latest needs.

Transport Facility

Navyug English School offers comfortable and well designed bus and magic is driven by a well trained driver and has the presence of a care giver to escort the child to ensure safety of our students. Provision of cell phones to driver and conductors’ facility communication with parents and each bus and magic route has a teacher in charge to ensure the safety and well being of the child.